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What selections do we offer?

FundQuest Advisor


Core buy-list

You can benefit from immediate access to our Core selection which comprises more than 200 funds in most asset classes. Our buy-list is diversified by management styles, sectors and geographic areas. All available funds have passed FundQuest Advisor's selection process:


Tailor made buy-list

We can adapt and develop our selection to suit any client's requirements: we are able to design buy-lists which can meet particular investment constraints perfectly (e.g. buy-lists covering one or several asset classes can be provided).

In addition to the buy-lists, several modules can be provided on specific asset classes.


SRI buy-list

As part of our ESG/SRI offer*, we provide a specific SRI fund selection based on differentiating approaches (negative screening, best-in-class/best-effort, positive screening/impact investing).

Selection monitoring and flexible approach

We also offer you the choice of either using our full selection process or only parts of it (quantitative analysis, fund selection or risk due diligence) on one or several funds/asset classes.

Audit of management delegations and selections

Through our quantitative analysis and fund selection processes, we can conduct a detailed analysis of your existing portfolio and provide arbitrage suggestions.

We ensure the consistency and relevance of the selected funds. We then asse the style and positioning of each fund in its peer group. We provide you with clear recommendations for optimising your fund selection performance and risk management.

We can add our Risk Due Diligence to this module to ensure the companies and funds meet our operational and risk control standards.


Reports and client relationship

We always provide a comprehensive recommendation pack and a complete follow-up of our analysis. Our reports are updated frequently and include the rationale(s) for our choices.

Our Advisory Desk team is available on a daily basis to answer any question in this respect.

*ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, SRI: Socially Responsible Investment