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Legal and Privacy

The website "" contains information about FundQuest Advisor services which are available to professional clients only. The information contained in this site is provided solely for use by such professional clients, their representatives and advisers, and is in no event intended for members of the general public.
FundQuest Advisor is approved as an investment advisor in a limited numbers of countries. As a consequence, users will need to seek advice and confirm that they are allowed to use FundQuest Advisor’s services given laws and regulations in force they need to abide by.


A French simplified joint-stock company (a Société par Actions Simplifiée)
Capital : 3.000.000 euros
Registered Office : 1 boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France
Phone : +(33)
Incorporated in France, and registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés of Paris: n°398.663.401 and with Companies House under overseas company number FC031539
Authorised and regulated by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution
EU VAT : FR 033 986 634 01
Senior Website Editor : Denis Panel
Website Host : FundQuest Advisor
A UK establishment of FundQuest Advisor, registered with Companies House under number BR016607
Registered Office: 5 Aldermanbury Square, London, United Kingdom, EC2V 7BP
Operating under the Financial Conduct Authority’s Temporary Permissions Regime


Website Presentation

This website presents activities of FundQuest Advisor.
FundQuest Advisor is approved by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution) as an investment firm authorised to provide the investment advice service and the ancillary service of general investment recommendation.
For information, "" is the website of asset management activities of the BNP Paribas group.
Information on the website "" is provided for information only.
This information is neither intended to solicit securities subscription or redemption, nor to propose an investment service, particularly not an investment advice service.
The specific features of financial instruments and the legal or statutory rules applicable thereto are set forth under the heading "Warning" allowing access to the various products. The website user is required to review this warning before proceeding.
This website is subject to French law and the sole jurisdiction of French courts in the event of any dispute.


Intellectual Property

This website belongs to FundQuest Advisor. Any reproduction, all or partial, of the brands, logos, drawings, graphics, texts and analysis published on this website, or any communication to third persons, or any utilization other than in a private context, is formally prohibited. Data provided on this website are reserved to a private utilization by the website user.
In the event of a breach, the website user incurs his liability and is subject to legal pursuits, in particular for forgery.
No link to the website "" may be created without prior authorization from the person in charge of this website.
This website contains hypertext links allowing access to other websites which are not edited by FundQuest Advisor ("external websites"). Consequently, the latter disclaims any liability for the content of external websites to which the user may have access through "".


Conflicts of interest Policy

As an investment firm, FundQuest Advisor may be confronted with conflicts of interest in the normal course of its business. Therefore, FundQuest Advisor needs to manage conflicts of interest, either actual or potential, so as to not abuse such situations and to avoid violating both its obligations to clients and applicable laws and regulations.
A conflict of interest is a situation where, within the course of FundQuest Advisor activities, the interests of FundQuest Advisor and/or its clients or employees compete, whether directly or indirectly.
FundQuest Advisor's conflicts of interest policy is based on the following :

1. Identifying potential conflicts of interest

2. Pinpointing regulations and procedures to avoid or manage conflicts of interest

3. Establishing and implementing these procedures

4. Creating a register

5. Implementing measures to inform clients when conflicts of interest cannot be avoided

6. Creating a framework for dealing with situations which do not correspond to any of the above

7. Increasing employee awareness and setting up training programmes.

In response to a conflict of interest, FundQuest Advisor (or its employees) can :

  • Decline to act, should the situation be highly critical;
  • Acknowledge the conflict of interest but prevent any material abuse and protect its client by setting up a permanent arrangement designed to properly manage most situations of conflict of interest, once they have been identified;
  • Disclose the conflict of interest or obtain the appropriate client waiver or consent when the conflict of interest cannot be properly managed by the aforementioned provisions. Whatever the situation, disclosure does not exempt FundQuest Advisor from its duty to manage conflicts of interest in order to prevent abuse and to give protection to the client.

FundQuest Advisor attaches the utmost importance in identifying, preventing and managing any conflicts of interest which may arise.

Contact: FundQuest Advisor



Cookies policy

The cookies policy of is in line with the global cookies policy of BNP Paribas group; for more information, please visit :


Private policy

The private policy of is in line with the global private policy of BNP Paribas group. For more information on private policy, please refer to :


Policy for deailing with client complaints

In accordance with current regulations, FundQuest Advisor has established and maintains an operational procedure in order to deal rapidly and effectively with complaints received from its clients.

1. Clients are asked to get in touch with their usual contact at FundQuest Advisor.

Raphaël Loth

2. If they have not received a satisfactory response, they can send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to FundQuest Advisor at the following address:

FundQuest Advisor

To the attention of Laurent Gaude

14 rue Bergère
75009 Paris.
Their request will be dealt with by the Complaint Processing Manager.


3. Complaint processing timescales

A letter acknowledging receipt of their complaint will be sent to clients within 10 business days as from receipt of the complaint unless a response has been provided to the client within this period.
Clients will receive a response within a maximum of two months as from the date of receipt of their complaint, unless there are duly justified exceptional circumstances.

4. AMF* mediation

In the event of persistent disagreement, clients may also have recourse to the AMF’s mediator.
Direct access to the mediator is guaranteed and the mediator’s contact details are easily accessible on the AMF’s website ( The mediator may be notified, by any interested party, individual or legal entity, of a personal disagreement that comes under the scope of intervention of the AMF. Referral of a case to the mediator is free of charge.

*AMF - French Financial Markets Authority