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About us

FundQuest Advisor is the fund selection specialist of BNP Paribas Asset Management. We cover the world's top financial markets from Paris, London and Singapore.

Manager and fund selection are FundQuest Advisor's principal activities. Thanks to our rigorous selection process covering most asset classes, we select managers and/or funds that can be combined to suit any investment objective and policy.

We provide our services to professional investors including distributors (family offices, private banks, wealth managers, distribution platforms, etc.) and institutional investors such as pension funds, insurers, asset managers and corporates.
Stéphane Rouillon

Relying on a comprehensive fund selection process is key, particularly in the context of increasing regulation which requires evermore transparency. FundQuest Advisor provides an independent service allowing clients to adapt themselves efficently to their environment.

Stéphane Rouillon, CEO of FundQuest Advisor

Our Services

Our services include third-party funds and managers selection, model portfolio construction / monitoring, as well as single-manager selection within segregated mandates, through standardised and customised solutions.


Selection of 300 funds across more than 30 asset classes.

Model Portfolio

Combination of funds aiming at suiting your specific needs and optimising your risk versus returns.

Single Manager Mandated

Third-party fund managers included in a BNP Paribas environment.

Research Process

The funds we select are run through our robust selection process. Once a fund is selected, our team carries out on-site visits to ensure the company meets our standards. Finally, continued monitoring is combined with a disciplined buy-list withdrawal process allowing our analysts to promptly remove selected funds in which we lose confidence.

Your Contact

Europe and Latin America

Raphaël Loth

Phone number
+33 1 58 97 61 06
Ivan Han FundQuest Advisor

Asia Pacific

Ivan Han

Phone number
+65 62 10 39 65


Stéphane Rouillon

Phone number
+33(0)1 58 97 61 00
Do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team by using our call back facility or by filling in the contact form.