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Financial Engineering

Financial EngineeringOur Financial Engineering team is split into two independant teams :

- The Quantitative Analysts
- The Operational & Risk Due Diligence Analysts



FundQuest Advisor's Quantitative team :

  • Average experience of the Quantitative team in the industry: 14 years.
  • Our quantitative analysts enable the segmentation of a wide universe (more than 20 000 funds) into proprietary "peer groups".
  • Our proprietary tool, which has been developped by our Quantitative analysts’ team, allows us to rank and compare the consistency of characteristics and positioning of the funds based on their past behaviour.
  • The team also handles our model portfolio activity.


This analysis is an integral part of our selection process as it increases the efficiency of manager comparison and selection.


FundQuest Advisor's Risk Due Diligence team :

  • Average experience of the Risk Due Diligence team in the industry: 12 years.
  • Risk Due Diligence is a key control for our manager selection, and is undertaken by a separate team that operates independently of our research team.
  • Our Risk Due Diligence team analyses and assesses operational risks within a firm. This analysis aims to gain a clear picture of a firm's culture and policies, evaluating risks related to trading, operations and compliance systems, human resource policies.


​New manager / fund recommendations will not be passed on to clients without a formal approval from the Risk Due Diligence team.